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Commercial and Residential Threats


  • Natural disasters (earthquakes, typhoons, floods, as demonstrated by 2009’s Typhoon Ondoy)
  • Theft (break-ins through glass windows and doors; smash-and-grab incidents on watch and jewelry stores are on the rise)
  • Vandalism (objects hurled against the glass panels)
  • Terrorism (bomb explosions)
  • Accidents (leaning and running through transparent glass)


Hanita Security Films provide effective defense from glass fragments and splinters in the event of glass breaking. Shattered glass caused by natural disasters, terrorism, burglary or accidental breakage is a threat to us all, at work, at home, in public places. Hanita Security Films offer protection from glass shards, shield from UV radiation, provide solar heat control (combined films), combat graffiti and shop front protection.

4, 8, and 12mil (100, 200, and 300 micron) clear safety films feature superb optical transparency, scratch resistant coating and good flexibility for ease of installation.

4 mil Clear Safety Film

helps promote glass breakage safety, providing greater protection against accidents with windows and sliding doors, increasing protection against flying shards in bomb blast situations.

4 Mil Clear Xtra Safety Film

With tough scratch resistant coatings for exterior installation

8 mil Clear Security Film

for use where glass is vulnerable to attack; anti-projectile

12 mil Clear Security Film

increased security protection against break-in, bomb-blast, anti-projectile, natural disaster

10 Mil Cold Steel

Cold Steel combines thickness of top-level security films with superb heat rejection for more security and comfort. and protection.

Hanita offers more types of combination Security and Solar-rejection films. We also have standard tint for automotive and architectural applications. Contact us for for a wider selection of films.

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