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It pays to be aware of the various threats to your safety on the road now. Criminals employ various methods, making motorists and their vehicles more vulnerable to theft:


  • Cars parked on the street or in parking lots with little or no security are at risk for the smash-and-grab method, wherein thieves break car windows to steal valuables left in the vehicle.
  • On highways such as SLEX and C5, rocks are suddenly and forcefully thrown at windshields, breaking the glass and forcing motorists to stop, and leaving them vulnerable to theft or, worse, attack.
  • Rocks and other falling debris on provincial trips smash windshields of buses and trucks

Automotive Threatspaulclose

  • Theft (smash-and-grab)
  • Natural disasters (strong winds hurling flying objects against glass)
  • Vandalism (objects thrown against windshields and windows)
  • Accidents (shattered glass from force of impact)
  • Road hazards (rocks and other falling debris)

Our Solutions

4 mil Alpha Plus Safe™

Alpha Plus Safe combines high solar protection with a sturdy security laminate designed to enhance the safety of vehicle glass in accidents, and increase resistance to violent crime.

  • Makes vehicle more resistant to smash and grab, adding vital seconds to deter carjackers
  • Reduces heat buildup, UV radiation, and glare
  • Helps protect occupants from dangers of broken glass due to accidents
  • Available in 05%, 12%, and 36% VLT, with 99% UV block.

4 mil Clear Xtra Windshield Protector

Clear Xtra is manufactured with bus and utility vehicle windshields in mind. This strengthens the windshields against rocks and debris that are usually encountered on highways and long provincial routes. This film is also ideal for race cars and off road vehicles.

  • Applied externally, this is specifically for windshields of buses, utility, rally, and off-road vehicles
  • Is a cost-effective solution that provides protection and extends the life of windshields
  • Available as a clear film with a 99% UV block

10 Mil Cold Steel

Cold Steel combines thickness of top-level security films with superb heat rejection for more security and comfort. This is for clients with a higher demand for safety and protection.

  • Offers a higher level of safety and security with a 36% VLT and 99% UV block
  • Can also be Applied to commercial/residential establishments

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